The membership of the association shall consists of

‘Members’ as deifned under clause 6

“Life Members’ as defined under clause 6

‘Associate Members’ as defined under clause 6

‘PATRONS’ as defined under clause 6

Eligibility of membership shall be payment of subscriptions as decided by EC from time to time

All those desirous of taking membership of association shall make an application in the prescribed form appropriate to the category of membership and acceptance of the membership is subject to the approval of EC.

Meetings of the association shall be attended by one representative of the class of membership.

‘Members’ and ‘Association Members’ have to make yearly subscriptions and ‘Life Member’ and ‘Patrons’ will make one time subscriptions for life.

The subscriptions payable will be as decided by the EC from time to time.

Only ‘Members’ and ‘Life Members’ are eligible to vote for and elect the members of the EC.

Only Members’ and ‘Life Members’ shall have access to book of accounts,Register of members and records of all meetings and be entitled to attend the EC meetings.

A Register of members shall be maintained showing the names / Address and membership subscriptions payable.

Membership of Members’ and ‘Associate Members’ shall automatically cease in the event of arrears of subscription exceeding 2years dues and readmission shall be only as new member with approval by the EC after payment of dues as decided by the EC.