He shall provide continuity for the function of EC and shall guide the president to conduct the affairs of the association through the EC.



He shall be responsible for carrying out the general policies and programmes of the association and shall

Preside over EC meetings.

Preside over the AGM,EGM and other meetings of the association.

Be incharge of the business affairs & activities as well as the properties of the association.

Develop and implement plans of the association and ensure that the association is properly represented in other organizations and Govt etc to further the cause of it membership.

Appoint an administrative officer / staff in concurrence with EC ,members to carryout the day to day administration & activities of the association.

Perform any other duties that may be assigned to his position by the EC / membership of the association.



He shall assist the president in all his activities and preside over the meetings in the absence of the president.



He shall be the chief Executive officer of the association and secretary to the EC. He shall responsible to

Conduct all activities of the association

Function as Ex-Offico member of all committees and sub committees of the association.

Prepare minutes of meetings,record votes at each meetings and distribute minutes to all members of association.

Act as secretary to the EC and distribute / record all meetings of EC

Supervise all work connected with elections & meetings of the association.

Receive and file minutes of all other meetings & conferences.

Maintain names,address of membership of the association,its EC, other committees & conferences.

Perform all work connected with EC meetings and AGM/EGM.

Record all resolution passed and bring them to the notice of all concerned and present it to general body whenever required.

File necessary return to the Registrar of Socities in respect of the affairs of the association.

Represent the association alongwith president / Vice president,in Govt. / other industry association, similar associations / meetings to project the problems of members / activities of the association.

Handle funds and keep them in the depository in cooperation with the treasurer in accordance with the instructions of EC.

Report on the receipts and disbursements of the association and on its assets and liabilities

Sign cheques along with the treasurer in absence of the president and pass all bills of the association and if necessary delegate this duty to some one else provided by EC.

Supervise the auditing of the association books and present the accounts of the association with activity report to AGM.



To assist the secretary in the discharge of his absence.



To keep the accounts of the association and maintain the books of accounts.

To get the accounts audited and present it to EC for approval and to general body together with the secretary.

To deploy the funds of the association frugally as per the directions of EC

To handle funds and keep them in depository in accordance with the instructions of EC.

Report on the receipts and disbursements of association and on its assets and liabilities.

To sign cheques and settle bills duly certified by the secretary. The cheques shall be signed by the treasurer together with president or secretary.

To keep the secretary / President informed on all financial matters and incur expenses after due approval of EC.

EC Members


Participate in the EC meetings and assists the president / Secretary in the activities of the association.

To approve all expenses connected with the affairs of the associations,proposed in the EC often satisfying the bonafides of such expenses.

To participate in the programmes / Projects of the associations and to assists the committees / Sub Committees in their activities.

To Participate / attend seminars / meetings / conferences connected with furtherance of the aims and objects of the association , as per the advice and direction of the president / secretary.



All funds and properties of the association shall be managed by the EC and the moneys shall be deposited in an account with a scheduled bank approved by the EC.

All investments / Deposits of funds and their deployment shall have approval of EC

The books of accounts & financial records shall be maintained by the Treasurer.

All cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer together with the President /Secretary.

Impressed amount may be advanced to members / life members for cinducting the activities of the association. With the concurrence of the treasurer , by the president / secretary.

The accounts of the association shall be audited annually by an auditor appointed at the AGM of association.

EC may authorize operation of one or more separate accounts for the purpose of accountability of a specific project / projects and permit opening of such accounts with a bank, authorising operation of such accounts by such persons decided by the EC.  All such accounts will get closed automatically after completion of the projects and funds remaining shall be transferred to the association’s main account for incorporation with the manual accounts of the association

If the auditors resign or becomes unable to do the work, eligible members shall appoint another auditor at the extra ordinary general meeting by the a special resolution.

No member of the EC is eligible to be appointed as on auditor.

Any member of the Association may with the permission of the president and by previous appointment with Treasurer inspect the Books of accounts of the association.