The affairs of the association shall be managed by an EC consisting of the following members duly elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.








Only members and life members are eligible to hold office of membership of EC and eligible to vote for electing the office bearers of EC.

The office bearers of EC shall hold office for a period of 2 years from the date of election or till the 2nd annual meeting after their appointment except those of co-opted members of EC, whose terms will be till the following annual general meeting.

The EC members holding office / or those who have held office are eligible for holding office for a second term subject to their election at AGN.

A member of the EC absenting himself without information / leave of absence for three consecution meeting shall, cease to be a member of the EC.

A vacancy occurring in the EC due to non-availability of nomination at the AGM or due to cessation of EC Membership between two elections / AGM shall be filled by co-option by the existing EC member’s majority decision, with the concurrence of co-opted members, after getting their acceptance in writing.

The EC shall have regular meetings at such times as are necessary to carry out the business of the association.

The EC may appoint one or more operating ‘’Committees / Sub-Committees’ to carry out the aims and objects of the association and such Committees / Sub-Committees shall not be held liable in respect of an y act done in good faith.

The powers and functions of the EC shall be

To administer the affairs of the association in accordance with these presents.

To make, alter and repeal the Bye-Laws, Rules and regulations, through a special resolution passed at a General Meeting of members.

To administer the funds of the association.

To raise funds by way of subscriptions,donation,Grants etc.,

To incur expenditure for conducting the business of the association.

To sell, mortgage change or otherwise dispose of or deal with all or any property of the association for promoting the aims and objects of the association,through a special resolution passed at the general meeting of the members.

To enroll and improve membership.

To prepare annual statement of accounts and annual reports on the working of the association.

To appoint sub committees, panels etc., from among the membership of the association for various activities.

To take cognizance of any matter which may be brought to their notice affecting the association or the conduct of any member

To interpret there presents subject to the provisions of the Societies Registration Act,21 of 1860 and TN Societies Registration rules & Amendment as existing.

To appoint administrative officer and staff and fixing their remuneration and responsibilities.

To participate in committee / Industry associations, and to contribute effectively on matters that are of concern with the aims and objects of the association.

Generally to do such other things as are conductive to the achievements of the aims and objects of the association.