These rules and regulations may be altered, extended or abridged for any purpose or purposes for which the association is established, subject however to such proposition Being agreed to by the votes of 3/5th (three – fifth) of the members of EC and passed by the special Resolution at the Extra ordinary General Meeting convened by the EC.


The annual general meeting shall appoint auditors and fix their remuneration.

The secretary shall keep records of all meetings, maintain the books of accounts with the help of treasurer, Register of membership and any other documents necessary for running the association and the same shall be made available for inspection by ‘Member’ eligible to vote.

Copies of Bye laws / Rules & Regulations, Receipts & Expenditure accounts and balance sheet shall be made available to the eligible members on application & payment of a prescribed fee as decided by the EC, except for the current statement of accounts presented at AGM for adoption and first issue of copy of amended Rules, which shall be issued free of cost.


The association may be dissolved by a special resolution passed at a general / Extra ordinary general meeting convened on the recommendation of the EC or on the requisition of at least three fourth of the members / Life members eligible to vote.  The dissolution shall be effective only if three fourth of such members present and entitled to vote decide on the dissolution.

Upon dissolution the property and funds of the association that remain after full satisfaction of liabilities of the association shall be transferred or paid to some other association with similar aims and objectives and such a decisions shall also be taken together with the passing of resolution on dissolution.

If the association shall be insolvent, the liability of those who were members on the day preceeding the commencement of winding up shall be limited to one year’s subscription in case of member and 1/10th of subscription paid in case of life members.


The rights of membership shall be exercised by a representative of the organization whose name shall be notified to the president of the association.

The funds of the association shall be spent only to the attainment of its objects and no portion there of shall  be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to any of its members through any means.

All the provisions of Tamil Nadu societies Registrations Act of 1975 and rules made there under will apply to the association and these rules shall be binding on the association and all membership there of.