The aims and objects of the association shall be as stated in the memorandum of association and as detailed in Annexure.



The association shall have the powers.

To collect from members / life members / associate members / patrons as prescribed by the executive committee (EC) and also empowered to receive grants or other assistance from Govt. or any agency.

To become a member of or support other institution if necessary.

To establish and maintain office for furtherance of objects of association.

To hold meetings and arrange exhibitions,lectures,Traning programs,seminars etc.,to promote the objects of the association.

To purchase or acquire any land ,building,equipment,vehicles etc., in its name for fulfilling the objects of the association

To invest funds or monies which are not required immediately in any manner as EC may deem fit in accordance with any Govt. regulation.

To employ staffs as may be considered necessary on payment of salary etc., for carrying on the various activities of the association.

To frame rules and regulations to modify or rescind the same from time & time as may be considered necessary.

To raise any money , to borrow sums of money , to promote the objects of the association and insecurity of nay such monies so borrowed to mortgage, pledge or charge whole or any part of the property, assets or revenue of the association and.

To take such actions as may be incidental, necessary or conductive to the objects of the association.

The EC represented by President / Secretary shall be empowered to give direction on day to day affairs with regard to the business of the association.


The funds and assets of the association shall be utilized solely towards the objectives of the association, payment of salaries and other dues to the employees. No part of the funds shall be transferred to any member, past or present, by way of dividend or otherwise, howsoever by way of profit.

True accounts shall be kept of the sums of money received and expended as also of the property,credits and liabilities. These shall be audited by qualified auditors,appointed by the association and be available for inspection by its members at reasonable rates.

The association may sue or be sued in the name of the President or Secretary.