Welcome to Kakkalur Industrial Estate Manufacturers Association

‘ASSOCIATION ‘means ‘Kakkalur Industrial Estate Manufacturers Association’ in short known as ‘KIEMA’ having its registered office at“MEMBERS” means proprietary , Partnership firms , Public / Private Limited Companies in the Public / Private sectors , which are registered as small or Tiny Sector industries as per the prevailing norms of the Govt. of India , with in the Tiruvellore Taluk of Tiruvellore Dist, represented by its Chief Executive Officer or his nominee.

‘LIFE MEMBER’ shall be a member who has paid the life time subscription, as decided by the Executive Committee from time to time.

‘ASSOCIATE MEMBER’ means any Association, Institution or Individual who are Inducted by the Executive Committee, but are not belonging to registered small or Tiny Sector Industry Category, Registered in Tiruvellore Taluk ,represented by the chief executive officer or his nominee

“PATRONS’ means any individual, Association or Institution who have contributed substantial amount and / or rendered significant services to further the aims and objects of the association, as per the criteria set by the Executive Committee, who may or may not belong to the category of Registered small of Tiny Industry in Tiruvellore Taluk represented by self, The Chief Executive officer or his nominee.

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